Understanding groups and people

In MyBeeps, your team have a discussion on a variety of topics from project deliveries, financials, to tea-time gossips and more.

Most discussions are useful to everyone but not all discussions need to be seen by everyone in your team. For instance financial information should only be visible to the members of finance department of your team and not to others. MyBeeps caters to your needs and provides you with different ways to interact with your team:

  • People
  • Groups
  • Public groups

People or 1-to-1 chat, is for a quick private conversation between 2 team members. This conversation will only be visible and searchable only to you and the team member you are chatting with.


Groups can be used to share and discuss sensitive or confidential information with a small group of team members. The conversations and files shared in a group are only visible to the members of the group. Only the members added by the group admin to the group can be a part of the group.


Public groups are intended for team-wide communication and announcements. By default, all team-members are a part of this group.


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